Application of forging

Forging is a manufacturing process that involves heating metal and shaping it with compressive force. It is used to manufacture items that need to be strong and long-lasting. It can be done by hand or machine depending on the type of material used. Forging is a popular fabrication method for various applications in different industries. Let us check some of the application of forging here in this article. 

Forging Application

  1. Forging can be used in the aerospace industry to manufacture jet engine components like turbine discs, blades, and rotors. 
  2. The automotive industry is one of the main users of forging because of its durability and high strength. Engine components like crankshaft, piston, connecting road, etc. 
  3. Orthopedic implants, and dentistry tools, surgical devices can endure intensive sterilization without compromising structural integrity. Medical experts can get biocompatible components for medical equipment by forging. 
  4. The oil and gas industry functions under severe operating conditions that demand equipment capable of enduring high temperatures and pressures. Thus, this process is widely used in this section to manufacture drill bits, mud motors, drilling tools, downhole tools, pipeline segments, and valves. 
  5. Cutting tool, agriculture tool, hook, screw, pin, and handle all are forging applications. 
  6. This process was also used in making coins and silver articles. 


Forging is the most used fabrication process. The forging process gives quality products, thus it can be used in different industries where components require durability and high strength. We have seen some of the applications of forging above. Thanks for reading the article. Still, if you have any questions or queries on the application of forging, or you want to add some application please give us in the comment section below.