9 April 2019

Closed die forging application

Due to its high precision, closed die forging is preferred for small critical parts with consideration for safety. It is mainly used to produce small products like forged fittings, forged lifting and rigging hardware, forged automotive parts, etc. Now let we check the applications of closed die forging one by one below. 

Applications of closed die forging : 

  • According to the advantages of closed die forging, it has become the main metal forming process in modern manufacturing. It can be used for lots of metal components for cars, aeroplane, heavy trucks, shipbuilding, etc. 
  • The motivation that encourages many manufacturers to change the production process into closed die forging because it offers better surface finish with good quality, also the price is competitive so we could use this process in below application. 
Automotive application: Connecting rod, control arm, rock arm, axle shafts, axle beams, axle arms, steering yokes. 

Construction machinery applications: Bucket teeth, excavator. 

Agriculture applications: Shafts, spike harrow teeth, tie rod ends, gears. 

Oilfield applications: Elbow, hammer union nuts, cross, tee. 

Mining applications: Ground foundation and auger bits.