4 January 2016

Advantages of CRDI system | Benefits of CRDI engine

Cars equipped with CRDI technology provide 25% more power and torque than the normal direct injection engine. There are some more advantages to cars with the use of CRDI system. Let us have a deep insight into the advantages provide by CRDI system in this article. 

Advantages of CDRI system: 

  • Improved power, increased fuel efficiency and reduced noise and vibration.
  • Doubling the torque at lower speeds.
  • Gives High efficiency due to variable injection time.
  • Gives better pulverization of fuel.
  • Increased combustion capacity.
  • Precise injection timing.
  • Very high injection pressure and better stability.
  • Increased combustion quality due to pilot and post-injection.
  • Reduced smoke, particulates and exhaust. 
  • Offers superior pickup.
  • Higher mileage.
  • Lower emission and fuel combustion.
  • Reduce noise and vibration. 
  • Reduce smoke, particulates and exhaust. 
  • It can control the flow of fuel with the load and speed of the engine.
  • This system requires only one fuel pump for multiple cylinders. 
The main disadvantages of this system is that increase the initial cost and the maintenance of the engine.