18 August 2019

Difference between CNC and VMC

CNC full form is Computer Numerical Control while VMC full form is Vertical Machining Center. CNC is a machine and VMC is just part of the machine. Now, let us have a deep insight into the comparison and difference between CNC and VMC. 

Difference between CNC and VMC :

  • CNC having two axis x and z whereas VMC having three-axis x,y, and z. 
  • We have to change the tool for different operations in CNC while an automatic change of tool is done in VMC. The tool changing process is done by a turret index in CNC whereas by ATC arm in the case of VMC. 
  • CNC most often used for cutting metal whereas VMC is very expensive and at the same time are very precise. 
  • CNC mainly used for turning inner and outer diameter whereas VMC mainly used for milling end and milling face. 
  • Geometry offset in CNC is z and x-axis and only z-axis is for VMC. 
  • The tool is rotated in VMC whereas not in the case of CNC. 
  • In CNC, a turret is worked as a tool holding and supporting device while Magzine is used for tool holding and a Spindle is used as a tool supporting device in VMC.

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