2 August 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of fuel injection system

Fuel-injection system is the most vital component in the working of CI engines. The injection system has to perform the important duty of initiating and controlling the combustion process. The injection system main purpose is to the preparation of the combustible charge and is the same as carburetion. Let us have a deep insight into the pros and cons of the fuel injection system. 

Advantages of fuel injection system :

  • Setup is simple for a fuel injection system.
  • The use of different sensors for detection of various changes such as altitude, throttle position, weather condition would correct the amount of fuel to be delivered to the cylinders.  This maximizes the economy and engine's power.
  • Easier to start especially during the harsh winter season.
  • Precise, constant and accurate supplication of fuel to the engine.
  • Accurate throttle response and tuning options.
  • No requirement of adjusting them in accordance with situations.
  • Saves undue fuel consumption.  
  • Fuel burns efficiently because it becomes atomized as it passes through the cylinder.
  • No need for frequent tune-ups in the use of a fuel injection system.
  • Ability to run higher compression ratios when the fuel is injected. 
  • The vehicle picks up will be good and fast.

Disadvantages of a fuel injection system :

  • With the use of an electronic fuel injector, you cannot use leaded gas.
  • This system usually has a shortened life unlike with carburettors.
  • The fuel injection system is a lot more expensive than a carburettor upgrade.
  • Repairing fuel injectors is not easy as compared with carburettors.
  • The Air fuel ratio and mix of that will be excellent in a carburettor than a direct Injection system.
  • There may be more unburnt hydrocarbon.
  • The air-fuel ratio and mix of that will be excellent in a carburettor than a direct Injection system.
  • There may be more unburnt hydrocarbon.
  • Servicing the fuel injector unit is cumbersome.
  • If there is an ECU failure, the bike will seize to work.
  • Procuring new fuel maps is a costly affair.
  • The need for fuel return lines to the tank in use, or a separate header tank.
  • Possible vapour lock in the steel fuel lines above the engine, making it difficult to start a hot engine.

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