2 September 2020

Difference between CNC and DNC

The main difference between CNC and DNC is that CNC is transferring machine instruction while in DNC is control the information distribution to a wide variety of machines. So here this article gives information about the difference between CNC and DNC machines to better understand this topic.

What is CNC?

CNC stands for computer numerical code, the machine is operated through numerical codes. A computer virus is a custom for additionally, the machines can be used to, and it is coded with the CNC machining language that is G code and mainly control all picks like coordination feed rat speed and location, CNC  can be used in growing each plastic steel and elements.

What is DNC?

DNC called direct numerical control, it denotes the networking of CNC machines. DNC machine that is uses a giant mainframe PC to manage a range of NC machines. The program is performed externally then dispatched to the person machine.

Difference between CNC and DNC :

  • CNC stands for computer numerical control, DNC stands for direct numerical control.
  • In CNC, far off controlling of the operation is not possible, while in DNC facilitate far-flung control.
  • CNC is transferring machine instruction, DNC controls the information distribution to a wide variety of machines.
  • CNC is a vital section of the machine, DNC is not crucial to machines, DNC pc ca come across at a distance from devices. 
  • In the CNC program feeds directly into the computer by a small keyboard similar to our traditional keyboard, while in DNC part program is feed to the machine through the main computer.
  • Using CNC PC manipulates one NC machine, Using the DNC programmer can manage more than one NC laptop as required.
  • CNC is a feedback system, while DNC did not remove the tape.
  • CNC has low processing power when compared to DNC, DNC has high processing energy when compared to CNC.
  • CNC software is to enlarge the capacity of the precise computing device tool, while DNC now not only controls the equipment, also serves as a part of the administration statistics system.
  • In CNC we can modify the program in the computer, while in DNC order to modify a single computer is used.
  • CNC cost is high, while in DNC control more than 100 CNC machines at a time.
  • In CNC machine accuracy is high, while in DNC two way communication by telecommunication line.
  • CNC machine maintenance is high, Maintenance is low in DNC machines.
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