30 August 2020

Difference between NC and CNC

CNC and NC machine both are automatic machines used for machining any metal with an accurate dimension. This machine work on the feeding mechanism in which we command the machine through the program to make it perform a certain operation. So here this article gives information about the difference between NC and CNC machines to better understand this topic.

Definition of NC machine

NC machine systems use a fixed logical function to handle a  machine tool or the machining process. NC specifies the control of the machine movements and there are various different functions with the help of instructions represented as a sequence of numbers. The electronic control systems drive the NCs. Although, We cannot change the function in the NC, meaning it is not programmable, due to the rigid wiring of the control logic and it is considered as hardwired. 

Definition of CNC machine

The CNC is generated by merging the computer with numerical control. SO how it is different from the NC systems? It uses internal microprocessors which are comprised of memory registers. The memory registers store various routines that ca successfully manipulate logical functions. So a machine operator is capable of altering the program on the control itself. This is very advantageous for the CNC machines.

Difference between NC and CNC:

  • NC stands for numerical control while in the CNC called for computer numerical control.
  • In the NC machine, the operational parameter can not be altered, while in a CNC machine, we can alter the operational parameters.
  • The accuracy and flexibility of the CNC control are higher than the NC controls.
  • CNC machines are costly and require more maintenance cost as compared to the NC machines.
  • The NC machine, the instruction are given to the machine through punched cards, while CNC uses the computer for giving the input to the machine.
  • In NC machine modification in the program is difficult, while in CNC machine modification in the program is very easy.
  • The NC programs can only be modified by changing the information in the punched card, While CNC programs can be changed directly from the computer.
  • NC machine required more time and expert operators for developing the products, on the other hand, CNC is fast and more automated and does not require much manual work.
  • Except for punched cards, there is no other mechanism is available in the NC for the storage of the information, While in CNC uses computer chips for memory storage.
  • The programs in the NC machine cannot be stored, In CNC machines, the program is stored on the computer and can be used again and again.
  • In NC machine is not possible to run it continuously, while in CNC machine can be run continuously for 24 hours of a day.

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