2 October 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of job shop production system

Job shop production is characterized by the manufacture within prefixed time and cost of one or more quality products designed and manufactured in accordance with customer specifications. This is characterized by low volume and high product variety. A workshop consists of machines for general use arranged in different departments. Let us have a deep insight into the advantages and disadvantages of job shop production in this article. 

Advantages of job shop production : 

  • Low volume and high variety of products can be produced because of general-purpose machines and facilities. 
  • Highly skilled operators who can take up each job as a challenge gives them a learning opportunity. 
  • The full potential of operators can be utilized. 
  • The opportunity exists for creative methods and innovative ideas. 
  • Large inventory of material, tools and parts.
  • Easy of supervision.
  • High utilization of expensive machines. 

Disadvantages of job shop production :

  • High cost due to frequent setup changes. 
  • Large space requirements. 
  • Production planning is complicated. 
  • Higher inventory levels at all levels and higher inventory costs as a result.
  • The conflict between resource utilization and customer service. 
There is clearly a place for job shop production, primarily with companies seeking to make consistent, on-demand product while keeping costs low and ensuring quality standards. Share your experiences regarding job shop production in the comments section below.

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