3 October 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of mass production

Mass production is the manufacture of discrete parts using a continuous process justified by a very large volume of production. In a line or product layout, the machines are arranged in this type of production system. In simple words, the manufacture of large quantities of goods using machinery and techniques such as assembly line and labour division. Let us have a deep insight into the advantages and disadvantages by using mass production in this article. 

Advantages of mass production : 

  • Higher rate of production with reduced cycle time. 
  • Standardization of product and process sequence. 
  • Higher capacity utilization due to line balancing. 
  • Less skilled operators are required so minimize labour cost. 
  • Lower in process inventory. 
  • Manufacturing cost per unit is low. 
  • Material handling can be completely automatic. 
  • Production planning and control are easy. 
  • An economic process incurs fever labour costs, material costs, efficiently utilizes resources, while at the same time decreasing total expenditure per unit.
  • Rate of production is fast due to automation and efficiency.  
  • The quality of the product is consistent. 
  • Different demands of customers can be met. 

Disadvantages of mass production : 

  • Breakdown of one machine will tend to stop an entire production line. 
  • High investment in production facilities. 
  • Setup cost will be high.
  • Identical products made very quickly. 
  • The cycle time is determined by the slowest production operation. 
  • Line layout needs major change with the changes in product design. 
  • Labours are not very motivated because of a repetitive process. 
  • As a production line is difficult to adapt, this production system is not flexible. 
  • Components for different jobs may need to be stored increases costs.

There is clearly a place for mass production, primarily with companies seeking to make consistent, on-demand product while keeping costs low and ensuring quality standards. Share your experiences regarding mass production in the comments section below.

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