13 January 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of traction control

Traction control is the newest safety features comes in many vehicles nowadays. It uses a sensor to continuously detect the speed of each wheel. So here, this article gives an idea about traction control advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages of traction control :

  • Traction control systems often use the same infrastructure as anti-lock brakes, which make it easier for the manufacturer to control direct installation traction.
  • Traction control systems present effective automatic control for snow and rain conditions so the main advantage is safety for weather conditions.
  • Customers of auto insurance can often receive a discount for traction control. 
  • Avoiding accidents.
  • Sudden twists and turns. 
  • Slippage of the wheels. 
  • Stopping distance and more grip.

Disadvantages of traction control :

  • Cost is high because of the high-functioning gear that's involved in traction control can make a car an increasingly expensive purchase. 
  • Cost of maintenance.
  • Traction control systems are not ideal for all kinds of situations so its use is limited.
  • Wear on the brake components.