19 February 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of DTSI

DTSI is a Bajaj patent technology that has two spark plugs located at opposite ends of the combustion chamber and hence fast and efficient combustion is obtained. Let us have a deep insight into the pros and cons provided by DTSI technology. 

Advantages of DTS-i :

  • Increase power output.
  • Better low-end torque.
  • Optimization of spark timing.
  • Low emission level.
  • The expected life of the motorcycle increases.
  • Compact design and Superior balance.
  • No detonation.
  • Uniform distribution of power.
  • Increased Compression ratio.
  • Better starting of the engine even in cold climatic conditions. 
  • Better work output.
  • Long life of the engine parts such as piston rings and valve stem. 

Disadvantages of DTS-i :

  • If one spark plug stops working both spark plug replaced instead of one.
  • The engine tends to overheat and lose power at higher speeds as compared to a single plug engine.
  • The engine wear and tear are increased.
  • Knocking.
  • Excessive cooling equipment required.
  • Cost increases due to additional technology.

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