3 February 2016

Advantages of annealing

Annealing is a process by changing its crystalline structure by softening the metal you work with by heating and air cooling, most steels can be annealed, but other metals have more complex or varied processes to do so. Let us have a deep insight into the advantages of annealing in this article. 

Advantages of annealing :

  • It softens the metal.
  • It reduces thermal stresses which occur due to a temperature gradient.
  • It enhances and improves the machinability of steel.
  • It increases the ductility of the metal.
  • It enhances the toughness of metal.
  • It improves the homogeneity in metal.
  • The grain size of the steel is refined.
  • It prepares the steel for further heat treatment.
  • It produces specific microstructure.