22 February 2016

What is difference between dry clutch and wet clutch?

The clutch which is a simple device which facilitates hassle-free torque transfer from the engine to gearbox and ultimately to the drive wheels. A wet clutch is called wet because it is actually wet with engine oil and the dry clutch does not live in an oil bath. Now let we check it out the difference between dry and wet clutch. 

Dry clutch Vs Wet clutch: 

  • A dry clutch has a higher coefficient of friction whereas wet clutch coefficient of friction is reduced due to oil.
  • Torque capacity of dry clutch is high as compared to the wet clutch of the same dimension.
  • Heat dissipation is more difficult in the dry clutch and wet clutch lubricating oil carries away the frictional heat.
  • Wear and tear are less in the wet clutch as compare to dry clutch.
  • The sound in the dry clutch is more as compared to the wet clutch and goes on increasing as the clutch goes on wearing out. 
  • The engagement in the wet clutch is smoother than a dry clutch.
  • It is necessary to prevent contamination due to moisture or nearby lubricated machinery, by providing seals in dry clutch whereas that is not necessary for a wet clutch.
  • The life of dry clutch is less as compared to a wet clutch.