3 February 2016

What is grinding? | Reason | Advantages

What is grinding?

Grinding is the abrasive machining that uses grinding wheel or grinder as the cutting tool and an abrasive material rubs against the metal parts and removes tiny pieces of material.

Grinding is used to the finishing process of the workpiece which must show high surface quality, accuracy and shape, and dimension. With the use of this process also removes little metal 0.25 to 0.50 mm and the accuracy in dimension in the order of 0.000025 mm. 
Grinding is done on surfaces of almost all conceivable shapes and all kinds of materials.

Grinding may be classified in two groups :

1.Rough or non-precision grinding

2.Precision grinding
  • Cylindrical grinding 
  • Internal grinding 
  • Centre-less grinding 
  • Surface grinding
Reasons for grinding :
  • The material is too hard to be machined economically.
  • Grinding can also produce very close flatness tolerance.
  • Good machining of tough materials.
  • Finishing flat as well as cylindrical surfaces.
Advantages of grinding :
  • Obtain good dimensional accuracy.
  • Good surface finish.
  • Good form and location accuracy.
  • Applicable to both hardened and unhardened material.