13 March 2016

How to choose a career?

Best guide to choose your career in the right direction:

  • To the choice of career is the biggest task for all the student. Career selection is only decided by the student but nowadays scenario not a big task for a student instead of the parents.
  • Now see what are the most of cases what happen actually parents have big dreams for the child and they observe society and then decide his/her child will also be a doctor or engineer or etc like in the biggest field without knowing his/her child interest and its a biggest reason of the most number of unemployed in India.
  • Most parents dream that his/her child will get admission to a recognized university like NITs, IITs, IIMs. After completing the HSC examination they will pay a high amount of fees in the coaching center of competitive exams and motivate his/her child to do good and will be getting admission in IIMs or IITs. This is why coaching industries get more profit. and after all most number students not get admission and then they decide to satisfy a lower rank college or any college. and this reason after completion of college find a job and if not find any job they decide to do any type of job even different field jobs too.
  • So my advice to students to first you should tell a question to yourself first before going to decide highly competitive exam 
  • Then you say how to decide I have potential or not? that's a big question
  • You see in yourself that shows your concentration power?
  • Hows your grasping power?
  • Hows your intellectual level?
  • Then you know that you have potential to get admission in a recognized institute were a big competition.
  • All over Indian students try to get admission to that colleges like NITs, IITs, IIMs. so my advice to the student is that after telling above question to yourself if you know you have extraordinary potential to crack that exam so you decide to crack exams and get admission and if not you should go any filed where you are interested and in that field you do smart work not hard work and you get better career same as like IITs, IIMs students.
  • There are many fields instead of engineers and doctors think of yourself and choose your career for yourself not to see other people in our society. If you choose your interested career you doing better in your field that my promise to you. and don't stop in your career whatever career you choose always think about one step ahead now what I do better in the filed? If you do this one day you also become the most successful person and one day you are in a position to that you not looking for a job but you also hire a person for the job in your field industries.