20 April 2016

Avogadro's Law | Principle | Formula

Principle of Avogadro's law: 

Avogadro's law is a mole of a substance has a mass numerically equal to the molecular weight of the substance.

1 gm mole of oxygen has a mass of 32 gm.

Avogadro's law state that the volume of a gm mol of all gases at the pressure of 760 mm Hg and the temperature of 0C is the same and is equal to 22.4 liters.

For a certain gas, we can say that if m is its mass in kg, and M is its molecular weight, then the number of kg moles of gas n would be given by

n = m kg / M kg/kg mol

n = m / M kg moles

The Moler weight is given by  V / n  m3 / kg mol

V represents the total volume of the gas in m3