16 December 2016

Can I crack CAT exam without coaching ?

No Coaching No CAT Not True

The one question that almost all CAT aspirants face at the start of preparation phase "How to prepare", "What to prepare"  and this question is tougher than the CAT question paper. but the question becomes scarier when the candidates are preparing CAT without joining any coaching Institute.

It is true that management coaching institute plays a vital role in keeping a candidate in a disciplined approach. but it is up to candidates to make use of the time and material to prepare for the exam.

You can crack CAT without coaching there are quite a few who do every year. coaching has advantages such that it helps one to be regular in studies, mentor to guide what to do and when to do, train us to solve sums in better ways, guide us with strategy, help us to be prepared psychologically.
But a lot of this can be achieved if you have a good study group which can help you and motivate you throughout your preparation so if you don't plan to join coaching, ensure that you form a good study group with whom you can share openly and help each other to crack the exam but ensure that the group you are with motivates you when you are down and does not pull you back.

Mainly in the CAT exam three sections to prepare :

1. Quantitative Ability 
2. Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation
3. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehensions 

For my point of view, English section is based on your reading if you literature lover and you have good habit to read new fiction and non-fiction books then I don't think you have to work hard in this particular section. but if your week in this section then you have to work hard to improve your English and make a good command on your vocabulary. this is scoring section for last few years this section level of difficulty is to be easy to moderate. 

Now we take another section DI and LR. 
In this section you have to deal with inter-prate with the data that based on a table or pie chart or any other point of view you have good to make speedy calculation required and well execution of data and in LR is based on all about logic. for the last two years, this section is a hot favourite in the paper setter because in this section once's true mind ability to check. so this is the most difficult section in CAT exam so my point of view you have to work hard for this section and get good.

In a quantitative ability section, first of all, you have to done with basic and then start to prepare all concept one by one. if you do that very serious manner and then practice some question on that you have face not more difficulty in this section. this section is moderate to difficult so don't take this section lite if you have done all concept do revise regular interval and continue your practice so you will also do well in this section.

So don't worry about CAT and about its preparation start from today slowly then pick up speed in middle be always with the positive motivation you always succeed in CAT.