27 December 2016

Difference between Heat and Temperature

Heat and temperature are different from each other. Heat is generally the measurement of energy or thermal energy in a body while temperature refers to the measurement of heat or thermal energy of any molecules in a substance. Let us have a deep insight into the difference between heat and temperature. 

Difference : 

  • Heat is the amount of energy in a body while the temperature is the measure of the intensity of heat.
  • Heat is measured by total kinetic and potential energy contained by molecules in an object while the temperature is measured by the average kinetic energy of molecules in a substance.
  • Heat flows from hotter object to cooler object while temperature riser when heated and falls when cooled.
  • Unit of measurement for Heat - Joules and for Temperature - Kelvin but also measure in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Calorimeter used for measuring heat while thermometer used for temperature. 
  • Heat is represented by Q while the temperature is represented by T.
  • Heat is analogous to an electric current that flows and Temperature is analogous to a voltage that causes the current to flow.
  • Temperature is the degree of hotness while heat is thermal energy arising due to a difference in temperature.     
  • Heat is a path function and Temperature is a point function.