6 January 2017

Milling machine safety precautions

Safety Measures in Milling Operation :

Milling machine operators must be extremely careful in running this machine tool, therefore, some of the safety points should be required to know milling operators.
Following safety points must be followed by operators :
  • Learn to operate controls before operating the machine.
  • The work piece must be rigidly held on the worktable.
  • Keep hands and body away from the revolving cutter.
  • Do not change spindle speed when machining is running.
  • Do not remove or tighten the milling machine arbour nut while power is on.
  • Do not measure work while continuous operation.
  • Do not remove guards while machining.
  • Do not remove chips when the machining is running.
  • Wear snugly fitting clothing.
  • Do not lean on the machine when it is running.