Difference between kinematics and dynamics

Kinematics and dynamics are two branches of mechanics that deal with the motion of a particle that plays an important role in robotics and mechanical engineering field. 

What is kinematics?

A study that describes the motion of bodies and the system of bodies without taking into consideration of the cause of motion. 

What is the dynamics?

A study of the motion of a particle along with their cause like force and torque.

Now let us have a deep insight into the comparison between them and check some difference between kinematics and dynamics. 

Key difference : 

Kinematics will give you the values of change whereas dynamics provide the reasoning behind it. 

Kinematics :
  • Kinematics originates from the Greek word kinesis, meaning motion.
  • Galileo worked on with his numerous experiments measuring displacement, velocity and acceleration of balls rolling down inclined planes.
  • More concern with the movement in general.
  • A description of how objects move.
  • kinematics describes movement, acceleration, speed, of objects.
  • Kinematics is based on the nature of force, nature of the body.
  • Kinematics is the geometry of motion.
  • Motion is teated geometrically without reference to things like cause and effects. 
Dynamics :
  • Dynamics from the Greek word dunamis which means power.
  • Newton worked on when he formulated his three laws.
  • Concern about measuring the causes and quantity of it and how it contributes and relates to the movement.
  • It deals with force and why objects move as they do.
  • Dynamics describes forces applied to the objects.
  • Dynamics is based on the concept of force.
  • Dynamics is geometry + physics of motion.
  • Motion is treated in terms of trajectories and time so force and motion come in.