27 February 2017

Application of laser

The main characteristics of laser radiation are following below.
  • Coherence
  • Very narrow bandwidth
  • High directionality
  • Extreme brightness
With the above characteristics, the lasers have a wide range of application in different disciplines such as physics, chemistry, medicine, engineering etc. 

Application of laser : 

  • The laser is a coherent source, measurement of distances based on interferromagnetic techniques is made much simpler.
  • The large distance can be also measured by laser. 
  • The time taken for a laser pulse to travel from the laser to the target and back again is measured. Using such a method, the distance between earth and moon have been determined to an accuracy of +-0.15 m.
  • The laser beam is highly intense hence it can be used in application like Laser beam welding, Laser cutting of material.
  • The laser also is suitable for machining and drilling holes.
  • The most successful therapeutic application of the laser has been in eye-surgery for the detached retina.
  • Lasers also can serve as war-weapon for military purpose.
  • The laser can be used for investigating the structure of molecules.
  • Lasers also being employed for separating the various isotopes of an element.
  • The narrowness of bandwidth of lasers, the strongest capacity for information in computers is improved.
  • Due to a narrow bandwidth, lasers are used in microwave communication. so in the field of communications, laser offers unusual advantages.
  • Lasers have also been used for the treatment of dental decay, the destruction of malignant tumours and the treatment of skin diseases.
  • Genetic research using laser is quite popular.
  • The IBM corporation is trying to transmit an entire memory bank from one computer to another by using a laser beam.