28 February 2017

Working principle of shaper machine

Working Principle:

Shaper machine works on quick return mechanism.

First of all the work piece is rigidly fixed on the machine table. 
The single point cutting tool held properly in the tool post and it is mounted on a reciprocating ram. 
The reciprocating motion of the ram is obtained by a quick return motion mechanism. As the ram reciprocates, the tool cuts the material during its forward stroke. 
During the return stroke, there is no cutting action and this stroke is called the idle stroke. 
The forward and return strokes constitute one operating cycle of the shaper.
So by this operation forward and return both stroke machining is done.
The reciprocating movement of the ram and the quick return mechanism of the machine are usually obtained by any one of the following methods :
  • Crank and slotted link mechanism
  • Whitworth quick return mechanism
  • Hydraulic shaper mechanism