16 March 2017

Advantages of muff coupling

Muff coupling is also called sleeve coupling is the simplest type of rigid coupling that consists of a hollow cylinder whose inner diameter is the same as shaft. It is fitted over the ends of two shafts by means of a gif head key and power transmitted from one shaft to other by means of a key and a sleeve. Now, in this article, let us have a deep insight into the advantages of muff coupling.

Advantages of muff coupling : 

  • Muff coupling is the simplest form of coupling with consisting of only two parts are sleeve and key.
  • It is simple to design and manufacturer.
  • It is cheaper than other types of coupling.
  • It has compact construction with small radial dimensions.
  • It has no projecting parts except the key head.
  • The external surface of the sleeve is smooth this gives safety to the operator.