27 March 2017

Characteristics of a good fuel

A good characteristic of good fuel is depending upon the following factors :
A fuel should possess high calorific value since the amount of heat liberated and temperature attained thereby depends upon the calorific value.
  • Moderate ignition temperature 
Ignition temperature id the lowest to which the fuel must be pre-heated so that it starts burning smoothly.
Low ignition temperature is dangerous for storage and transport of fuel, hence it can cause fire hazards. While high ignition temperature causes difficulty in igniting the fuel, but fuel is safe during storage and transport. Hence, an ideal fuel should have moderate ignition temperature.
  • Low moisture content 
The moisture content of the fuel reduces the heating value and involves a loss of money because it is paid for at the same rate as the fuel. Hence, fuel should have low moisture content.
  • Low non-combustible matter content
After combustion, the non-combustible matter content generally in form of ash or clinker.
That also reduces the heating value, besides the additional cost of storage, handling and disposal of the waste products produced.
  • The moderate velocity of combustion 
If the rate of combustion id low then the required high temperature may bot be possible, because a part of the heat liberated may get radiated, instead of raising the temperature. While too high combustion rates are also not required.
  • Products of combustion should not be harmful 
Gaseous products of combustion should not pollute the atmosphere. 
  • Low cost 
A good fuel should be readily available in bulk at a cheap rate.
  • Easy to transport 
Fuel must be easy to handle, store and transport at a low cost must be necessary. Solid and liquid fuel can easily be transported but gaseous fuel is costly and can even cause fire hazards.
  • Combustion should be easily controllable 
Combustion of the fuel should be easy to start or stop. when it is required. Hence, it must be controllable.
  • Should no undergo spontaneous combustion 
Spontaneous ignition can cause fire hazards.
  • Storage cost in bulk should be low 
  • Should burn in air with efficiency, without a highly smoke
  • In case of solid fuel, the size should be uniform so that combustion is regular