20 March 2017

Difference between clamp coupling and muff coupling

What is clamp coupling?

Clamp coupling is also known as split-muff or compression coupling, clamp coupling. Sleeve or muff is made in two halves in this coupling, which is divided along the plane passing through the shaft axes. Using bolts, which are placed in recesses made in the sleeve halves, these two halves are clamped together.

What is muff coupling?

Muff coupling is also known as sleeve coupling is made into two halves parts of the cast iron and they are joined together by means of mild steel or bolts.

Let us have a deep insight into the difference between clamp and muff coupling.

Difference between clamp and muff coupling :

In muff coupling, torque is transmitted by shear resistance of keys, on the other hand, torque is transmitted partly by means of friction between the sleeve halves and the shaft and partly by sheer resistance of key is a case of clamp coupling.