24 March 2017

Function of lubricants

To supply lubricating oil between the moving parts is simply termed as lubrication.

Any substance introduced between two moving or sliding surface with a view to reducing the frictional resistance between them is called lubricants.

Functions of lubricants :

  • It reduces surface deformation, wears, and tear because the direct contact between the rubbing surfaces is avoided.
  • It reduces the loss of energy in the form of heat.
  • It also acts as a coolant.
  • It reduces waste of energy so that the efficiency of a machine is enhanced.
  • It reduces the expansion of metal by local frictional heat.
  • It avoids the seizure of moving surfaces since the use of lubricant minimizes the liberation of frictional heat.
  • It avoids or reduces unsmooth relative motion of the moving or sliding parts.
  • It reduces the maintenance and running cost of the machine.
  • Sometimes it acts as a seal.