25 April 2017

Advantages of air cooling system

Air cooling system is carried out to the outer parts of the engine is radiated and driven away by the air stream obtained from the atmosphere. For efficient cooling fins are provided around the cylinder and cylinder head to increases the contact area. Air colling system mainly depends upon the following factors. 
  • The total area of fin surface
  • The velocity and amount of the cooling air
  • The temperature of fins and of the cooling air 
Let us have a deep insight into the advantages provided by the air cooling system. 

Advantages of air cooling system : 

  • The design of engines becomes simpler because no water jackets are required in this system.
  • The cylinder can have identical dimensions and be individually detachable and therefore cheaper to renew in case of an accident.
  • No danger of coolant leakage.
  • Minimum maintenance problem because of the absence of cooling pipes and radiator.
  • The engine is not subject to freezing trouble.
  • The weight of the air-cooled engine is less than that of the water-cooled engine.
  • Power to weight ratio is improved in this system.
  • An engine is rather a self-contained unit as it requires no external components like radiator, header, tank etc.
  • Installation of air-cooled engines is very easy.