23 April 2017

Advantages of electronic fuel injection

Replacing carburettors with electronic fuel injection (EFI) for delivery of fuel on engines has numerous advantages. However, for each engine installation, achieving these benefits requires a comprehensive integration and calibration. The spark-ignition engine with an electronic fuel injection system compared with a carburettor unit have the following favourable points

Advantages of electronic fuel injection system :

  • Improvement in volumetric efficiency due to relatively less resistance in intake manifolds, resulting in less pressure loss.
  • Manifold wetting is eliminated by injecting fuel near the cylinder.
  • Automation of fuel is independent of cranking speed so the starting will be easier.
  • Better atomization and vaporization will reduce the knock on the engine.
  • It eliminates ice formation on the throttle plate.
  • Position of the injection unit is not so critical so the height of the engine can be less.
  • Distribution of fuel being independent of vaporization.
  • Less volatile fuel can be used.
  • Variation of air-fuel ratio is almost negligible.
  • This system produces around 5% to 10% more power than a carburettor engine.
  • This system will not only improves reliability but also reduces the amount of routine maintenance that is required.
  • Excellent starting.
  • Complete altitude compensation in full load or low load conditions even in cold weather condition there is one cold start injector too.