17 April 2017

Advantages of using alcohol as a fuel

Alcohol can be obtained from nature and it can manufacture very easily so alcohol as a fuel is very attractive. It is one of the liquid fuel alternatives of gasoline used in a combustion engine. There are different types of alcohol but some main types are methanol, ethanol, propanol, and butanol. Let us have a deep insight into the advantages of alcohol used as a fuel. 

Advantages of alcohol as a fuel :

  • No problem of availability can be obtained from a number of sources.
  • Reduce dependent on fossil fuel. 
  • It is a high octane number with anti-knock index numbers of over 100. 
  • Alcohols have a higher flame speed.
  • It produces less overall emissions compared to gasoline.
  • When alcohol is burned, it forms more moles of exhaust gases, which gives higher pressure and more power in the expansion stroke.
  • It gives a cooler intake process because it has a high latent heat of vaporization.
  • Volumetric efficiency is high.
  • Alcohol is ultraclean and has low sulpher content in the fuel.
  • Alcohol contains oxygen thus it requires less amount of air for stoichiometric combustion. 
  • Alcohol possesses high latent heat of vaporization thus low intake temperature and increases volumetric efficiency. 
  • It can run efficiently by a high compression ratio.