16 April 2017

Gaseous fuels

Gaseous fuels are ideal and pose very few problems in using them in internal combustion engines. Being gaseous, they mix more homogeneously with air and eliminate the distribution and starting problems that are encountered with liquid fuels.

Even though the gaseous fuels are the most ideal for internal combustion engines, storage and handling problems restrict their use in automobiles. 

Consequently, they are commonly used for stationary power plants located near the source of availability of the fuel. Some of the gaseous fuels can be liquefied under pressure because of reducing the storage volume but this is very expensive as well as risky.

Because of the energy crisis in recent years, considerable research efforts are being made up to improve the design and performance of gas engines which became obsolete when liquid fuels began to be used.

Gaseous fuels are :
  • LPG
  • CNG