11 April 2017

Introduction of cam and Follower

In this article, we have to see some basic knowledge about the cam and follower and about cam mechanism. Let we know first what is cam?

A cam is a mechanical member used to impact desired motion to a follower by direct contact.   

Cam is the part of a machine in sliding or rolling contact with a rotating cam and given motion by it.

The cam may be rotating or reciprocating whereas the follower may be rotating, reciprocating or oscillating. Now the question may arise that what is a follower?

Cam drives the mating element in mechanical linkage of motion is called FOLLOWER.

There are many different types of the cam are widely used in automobile, automatic machines, internal combustion engine, machine tools, printing control mechanisms etc.

Cams are manufactured by die-casting, milling or by punch-press.

A cam and the follower combination belong to the category of a higher pair. 
In that mechanism :
  • A driver member is known as the cam.
  • A driven member is known as a follower.
  • A frame that can support the cam and guides the follower.