24 April 2017

What is SFC

In this article we will discuss about the SFC and their full form and some basic introduction about SFC with the use of example. Let we first know the full form.

Full form of SFC is specific fuel consumption.
Specific fuel consumption is describe efficiency of an engine design with respect to thrust output it expressed in terms of kilograms of fuel per kilowatt-hour.

It is important parameter that reflects how good the engine performance is.

It is inversely proportional to the thermal efficiency of the engine.

Specific fuel consumption of air-breathing jet engines at their maximum efficiency varies more or less inversely with speed.

which means that the fuel consumption per or per km can be a more appropriate comparison for aircraft that travel at very different speeds.

SFC = Fuel consumption per unit time / Power 

It also called as thrust specific fuel consumption (TSFC)

SFC is dependent on engine design, but differences in the SFC between different engines using the same underlying technology tend to be quite small. 

SFC varies with throttle setting, altitude and climate.