4 May 2017

Difference between quenching and tempering

In this article you can check it out the difference between two manufacturing process quenching and tempering. First of all you should know about both of this process. 

What is quenching ?

Quench means rapid cooling so in this process rapid way of bringing metal to cool and back to room temperature after the heat treatment process.

What is tempering ?

Tempering is the process used to increase the toughness and is usually performed after hardening to reduce some of excess hardness.

Now we can check the difference between both the two process :

  • Quenching is the process of heating the material above the re-crystallization temperature and cooling it suddenly while in tempering the material is heated to a temperature below the re-crystallization value and hold for few hours. 
  • Quenched steels are brittle and tempering toughens them.
  • The material becomes brittle, hard, ability to withstand wear and vibrations in quenching while tempering removes internal stress and improve a bit of ductility to the hard material.