21 August 2017

Final year project ideas for mechanical engineering

What is a project?

An individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim is called project.

Final year project is more important for students so let we discuss here how to do a good project easily for mechanical engineering students and get a good grade.

My point of view :

When you select the project title or project work for final year students you don't have sufficient time for project particularity. You will find time for that from your academic study. so I will give the advice to select easy and some creative project that will make more impact and completed in time. 
The second thing is that there are many choices for a final year project. It has mainly two category project one is purely based upon research and the second one is to make any small working model. For my point of view all students first think about to make a model but at last very few ends with clearly working model. I don't ask to choose that one but if you choose about the model you will work smart and a little bit of effort will also take. In the case of a research-based project, you have to research on a particular side like upon any material or corrosion-related research for that your work is mainly based on pen paper. You will check the research paper then make literature and then some testing upon that particular research material or component. 

Now we will see some project title that will make a good idea about selecting your project :

Model projects :

Example :
  • Auto turning fuel valve
  • Anti-theft wheel locking system  
  • Solar power air conditioning 
Above some example, you can select any model making project according to your project guide. It seems easy to difficult whatever you want to select. 

Research Projects :

Example :
  • Corrosion behaviours of material and prevention
  • Pollution related research 
Like we mentioned above you can select any research topic and make a good project with minimum effort.