9 January 2018

Force basic definition

Force is a push or a pull that tends to change the state of uniform motion of an object. 

A force can cause an object to accelerate, slow down, remain in original shape or change shape. 

A force while acing on a body may :
  • Change the motion of a body 
  • Retard the motion of a body 
  • Balance the forces already acting on a body 
  • Give rise to the internal stresses in a body
In order to determine the effects of a force acting on a body, one must know the following characteristics of the forces. 
  • The magnitude of the force
  • The line of action of the force  
  • The nature of the force 
  • The point at which force is acting 
The magnitude of the force is given by in MKS system - kilogram-force ( kgf ) and in SI system - Newton ( N ). 

1 kgf = 9.81 N

There are different types of force. You can check it out below :
  • Applied force
  • Gravitational force
  • Normal force 
  • Frictional force 
  • Air resistance force 
  • Tension force 
  • Spring force