20 January 2018

Greasy friction

If two metallic surfaces are wetted with a small amount of lubricant, a very thin film of the same is formed on each of the surfaces. This thin film is of molecular thickness. It adheres to the surface and is known as absorbed film. 

The property of a lubricant to form a layer of molecular thickness on a metallic surface is known as its oiliness. 

If two lubricants of equal viscosity are used to lubricate two metallic surfaces under identical conditions, it is found that one reduces the friction more than the other and is said to have greater oiliness. 

Now, What is Greasy friction?

The friction of two surfaces, when they are wetted with an extremely thin layer of lubricant and metal-to-metal contact can take place between high spots is known as greasy friction or boundary friction. 

The friction laws governing greasy friction are similar to those for solid or dry friction.