8 January 2018

Linishing machine

Linishing is a process of using grinding or belt sanding technique to improve the flatness of a surface. The machine that does this is called the linisher or a Linishing Machine.

Linishing process is one types of the metal finishing process.

There are three types of linishing machine are used. List are following below :
  • Drum linishing machine 
  • Orbital linishing machine 
  • Centerless linishing machine 
Linishing machine use in relation to work piece :
  • Bent tubes
  • Round or Oval tubes 
  • Bars 
  • Cylindrical rode 
  • Metal profiles with square and rectangular section
  • Flat surfaces 
  • Extremities 
Mainly it used for the preparation of the ends of rubber extrusions that will be fused together to make a closed-loop. 

Now you can check it out some product where the linishing machine used : 
  • Shop fittings
  • Urban furniture 
  • Taps components
  • Bathroom fittings 
  • Curtain poles 
  • Lighting equipment 
  • Motorbike handles 
  • Car and motorbike exhaust system 
  • Bicycle parts 
  • Handrails