20 January 2018

Types of chain drive

Chains have been classified into three groups like :

  • Hosting chains
  • Conveyor chains
  • Power-transmission chains 
Each type has been discussed below :

Hosting chains :

Hosting chains include an oval link and stud link chains. An oval-link chain is a common form of a hosing chain. It consists of oval links and is also known as coil chain. 

Hosting chains are used for lower speeds only. 

Conveyor chains :

Conveyor chains may be of the detachable or hook-joint type or of the closed-end pintle type. The sprocket teeth are so shaped and spaced that the chain should run onto the off the sprocket smoothly and without interference. The motion of this type of chain is not very smooth. 

Conveyor chains are used for low-speed agricultural machinery. The material of the links is usually malleable cast iron. 

Power transmission chains :

Power transmission chains are made of steel in which the wearing parts are hardened. They are accurately machined and run on carefully designed sprockets. 

They classified into three types :

  • Blockchain: It is mostly used for transmission of power at low speeds. 

  • Roller chain: Roller chain is fixed to the inner link whereas the outer link has a pin fixed to it. There is only sliding motion between pin and bushing. The roller is made of hardened material and is free to turn on the bushing. A good roller chain is quite and wears less as compared to a blockchain. 

  • Silent chain: It is also known as Inverted Tooth Chain. This type of chain is used where maximum quietness is desired. The silent chain doesn't have rollers. The links are shaped as to engage directly with the sprocket teeth. The included angle is either 60 or 75 degree.