6 April 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of magneto ignition system

Magneto is one of the special types of ignition systems with its own electric generator to provide the necessary energy for the system. The main advantages of a magneto ignition system are it does not require any external source to generate energy. Now you can check out some advantages and disadvantages of the Magento ignition system listed below. 

Advantages of magneto ignition system :

  • Reliable for medium and high speed. 
  • Less maintenance.
  • More effective because no battery is used. 
  • Provide better spark at low speed. 
  • Occupy less space. 
  • Efficiency improves due to high-intensity spark. 

Disadvantages of magneto ignition system :

  • Low cranking speed at a starting. 
  • Starting is troublesome. 
  • More expensive compared with the battery ignition system. 
  • Possibility of misfire due to leakage because wiring carries very high voltage. 
  • Adjustment of spark timing has determined the effect upon the spark voltage.