7 April 2018

Carter carburetor | Working

Carter carburettor is multiple jets, plain tube type of carburettor with only one adjustment which is for idling or low-speed operation.

Carter carburettor was established in 1909 and founded by William Carter, who started experimenting with automotive carburettors while running a bicycle shop.

Carter carburettor is normally used in Jeeps.

Working of carter carburettor:

A combination of fuel and air is drawn into the nozzle chamber through the jets on side of the nozzle forming a time spray which is carried by the standpipe to the venturi or main air passage, where it is absorbed by incoming air forming mixture on which engine operates.  

Jets on the side of the nozzle come into operation in direct proportion to throttle position. While more and the more throttle opened, the more jets are in operation. At wide-open throttle, all jets are working and the engine is getting maximum supply. 

Low-speed jet assembly supplies fuel to the engine at idle engine speed and up to approximately 20 km/h fuel flowing through a drilled passage connecting low-speed jet chamber with carburettor well. 

At idling, fuel is drawn through a low-speed jet and idling port at the edge of the throttle valve. With the idling screw, the mixture for idle running can be enriched or made leaner as required.