10 July 2018

Difference between automatic and manual transmission

Before buying a car there is some tough decision you have to make regarding what you want in your vehicle. There are two types of transmission one is automatic transmission and another one is manual transmission so choose one between these two is important to know the difference between manual and automatic transmission. 

The basic difference between two transmissions is that in manual transmission the driver uses a clutch to change the gears whereas in automatic transmission adjusts the gears automatically based on the engine speed. 

Now let we check some difference between them one by one pointwise below.

Difference : 
  • Fuel consumption is more in automatic transmission as compared with manual transmission. 
  • A manual transmission gives greater control of the car and auto gearing give lesser control but promises comfort and convenience. 
  • A manually transmitted car is cheaper than the same automatically transmitted vehicle.
  • Maintenance and repair cost for the automatic transmission is more as compared with manual transmission.  
  • In a manual transmission, the gear is located on the floor whereas the location of gear is at the steering or on the floor in the automatic transmission. 
  • Manual transmission cars give more mileage than automatic transmission cars. 
  • Manual transmission box is lighter than automatic transmission. 
  • It is much easier for an automatic transmission to overheat.
  • Automatic cars are more often used in sports than manual cars.
  • The driver needs to drive with both hand and feet engaged in a manual transmission car where the left foot is totally free in an automatic transmission car.