1 March 2019

How to adjust correct steering angle?

The perfect steering is achieved when all the four wheels are rolling perfectly under all running condition. While taking turns, the perfect rolling condition is satisfied if the axis of the front wheels when produced meet the rear wheel axis at one point. Then this point is called the instantaneous centre of the vehicle. 

It can observe that the inside wheel is required to turn through a greater angle than the outer wheel. The larger the steering angle, the smaller the circle of turning. However, a maximum to which we can go as the steering angle. 

It has been found that steering angle can have a maximum value of about 44 degrees. 

The extreme positions are called lock positions on either side. The diameter of the smallest circle which the outer front wheel of the car can traverse and get when the wheels are at their extreme positions is referred to as the turning circle.

Now let we discuss the formula for correct steering angle. 

correct steering angle
Correct Steering Angle

Let the axis of the inner wheels makes a larger angle θ than the angle φ subtended by the axis of an outer wheel. 

Let a = wheel track
b =  wheelbase
c = distance between the pivots A and B of the front axle

From the triangle IBP 

cotθ = BP / IP 

From the triangle IAP

cotø = AP / IP = AB + BP / IP = AB / IP + BP / IP = c / b + cotθ

cotø - cotθ = c / b 

This is the fundamental equation for correct steering. 

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