9 April 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of open die forging

Open die forging is only suitable for simple shapes for its less dimensional accuracy, and high skill operators are required, the dies of this process are simple and less expensive which is the simplest process of all the forging process. In this article, you can check it out the pros and cons of open die forging to understand more about it. 

Advantages of open die forging : 

  • Better fatigue resistance and improved microstructure.
  • A continuous flow of grain and finer size of the grain.
  • Increased strength and prolonged part life.
  • Less material waste.
  • Reduced chance of voids.
  • Cost savings are valuable.

Disadvantages of open die forging : 

  • Close tolerance and higher precision parts cannot be formed.
  • To achieve the desired dimensions, machining is often required.
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