24 April 2019

Difference between capstan and turret lathe

Capstan and Turret lathes are the advancements of the Engine lathes and centre lathes in which the tailstock is replaced by a hexagonal turret tool head with 6 different tools in the turret where the turret tool is rotated according to process requirements in each operation. The capstan and turret lathe although appear to be identical at the first sight but a lot of differences in construction, operation, and use. In this article, you can check it out some difference between these two lathe machines. 

Capstan lathe :

  • Lightweight machine.
  • These are usually horizontal lathe. 
  • Turret head is mounted on a slide called ram which is mounted on the saddle.
  • Suitable for bar work.
  • The saddle is locked at a particular point and the ram is moved to provide feed to the tool.
  • Only a limited amount of feed and depth of cut is provided for machining.
  • The cross slide is mounted on a carriage that rests on bed ways between the headstock and the ram.
  • The turret tool head is indexed automatically.
  • Feed stop screws are used to control the distance of tool movement which is at the rear side of the turret.
  • No such facility for moving turret at right angles.
  • Feed rod gives for longitudinal feed.
  • Used for mass production of small size equal part.
  • It has hand-operated collet chucks.
  • Heavy cuts on the workpiece can't be given because of non-rigid construction. 

Turret lathe :

  • Heavyweight machine.
  • Turret tool head is directly fitted on the saddle and both of them appear like one unit.
  • Suitable for heavier chucking work.
  • The saddle is moved to provide feed to the tool.
  • They are heavy and durable.
  • More feed and depth of cut are provided for machining.
  • Some turret type lathes are equipped with side hung type carriage.
  • To index the turret tool head, a clamping lever is released and the turret is rotated manually.
  • Limit dogs are used to control the distance of tool movement.
  • Some turret lathes have the facility of moving the turret at right angles to the lathe axis.
  • Feed rod does not give for longitudinal feed.
  • Used for mass production of large size equal part.
  • It is accommodated with power chucks.
  • Heavy cuts on a workpiece can be given because of the rigid construction of a machine. 
  • These are available in the horizontal and vertical lathe. 

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