19 October 2020

Difference between PERT and CPM

To achieve the end of the goal of the project on time, PERT and CPM are two management techniques that every manager should be implemented. These techniques help us to display the progress and series of actions and events of a project. So here this article gives the main key difference between PERT and CPM to better understand this topic.

What is PERT?

PERT stands for project evaluation and Review technique, It is used for the project where the time required or needed to complete different activities are not known. PERT is used mainly to plan, coordinate and incorporate multiple activities within a project. It provides project blueprint and is an effective project assessment technique.

What is CPM?

CPM stands for the critical path method, it is used for the project where the time needed for completion of the project is already known. It is used primarily to assess the estimated timeframe during which a project will be completed. A critical path is the largest path in project management which always provide minimum time taken for completion of the project.

Difference between PERT ad CPM:

  • PERT is a method in project management used to control a project's unpredictable operations. CPM is a project management statistical methodology that handles a project's well-defined activities.
  • PERT is a probabilistic model, while the CPM is the deterministic model.
  • PERT is a time planning and control methodology, while CPM is a tool for cost and time control.
  • PERT is evet oriented, while CPM is an activity-oriented.
  • PERT is nonrepetitive, CPM is repetitive in nature.
  • PERT focuses on time, while CPM is focus o time-cost trade-off.
  • As a research and development project, PERT has evolved, while CPM has evolved as a construction project.
  • PERT is unpredictable, while in CPM is predictable activities.
  • PERT is no differentiation, while in  CPM is differentiated.
  • PERT is a high precision time estimate, while CPM is a reasonable time estimate.
  • PERT is three-time estimates, while in CPM is a one-time estimate.
  • PERT is suitable for research and development projects, while CPM is suitable for civil construction, shipbuilding and non-research projects.