19 February 2021

Advantages and disadvantages of driverless cars

The term driverless refers to all vehicles with higher levels of automation,  It starting from the point where a driver may not need their hands on the steering wheel but they prepared to take over control. It right up to the point where a vehicle may not need a driver and does not even have a steering wheel. So here this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of driverless cars to better understand this topic.

Pros or Advantages of driverless cars:

  • Travelers would be able to journey overnight and sleep for the direction.
  • while using driverless cars, driving fatigue and getting lost would be things of the past.
  • Entertainment technology, such as video screens, it could be used without any concern of distracting the driver.
  • It was possible to safely raise speed limits, thereby shortening travel times.
  • Difficult maneuvering and parking would be quicker, it is less stressful, and it does require no special skills.
  • There who have difficulties driving such as disabled people, older means citizens, and children, would be able to experience the freedom of solo car travel.
  • Efficient travel means fuel savings for travelers.
  • Passengers will experience a smoother riding experience.
  • Road range will be reduced or disappear.
  • Cars that are self-aware will lead to a decline in car theft.
  • With no need to drive around searching for spaces, parking can become fully automated.
  • Insurance rates for car owners will go down significantly with fewer related risks.
  • Greater performance would mean fewer vehicle emissions and less pollution, having a lower negative effect on the environment.
  • The decreased need for safety gaps, lanes, and shoulders would greatly improve road space for vehicles.
  • The need for driving licenses or driving tests is no longer required.
  • The human driver often bends rules and takes risks, even breaking laws, but driverless cars will obey every rule and posted speed limit, making the roads safer for everyone.
  • In urban centers, traffic should be more smoothly organized to avoid bottlenecks and traffic congestion at peak times.
  • Cars may become mini leisure rooms without the need to have a driver. There will be more space available inside the vehicle without the need for sensors, and no need for passengers to look forward.

 Cons or Disadvantages of driverless cars:

  • A computer malfunction even just a minor glitch could easily cause a far worse accident than anything human error might typically incur.
  • It is very difficult for autonomous cars to identify and evaluate the intentions of human drivers on the lane.
  • Driverless cars would rely on the collection location and information, quite possibly triggering major privacy concerns.
  • Maintenance would have to be overseen. To ensure that any driverless car is safe, some process of regulatory oversight will have to be implemented.
  • For most individuals, a self-driving car will be unaffordable, potentially initially costing over $100,000. It may be several years until the average individual owns one.
  • For terrorists, self-driving cars will be great news, as those vehicles could be loaded with explosives and used as moving bombs.
  • Autonomous cars have great trouble distinguishing and determining the intentions of human drivers on the road.
  • Truckers, cab drivers, Uber/Lyft, and delivery will eventually lose their employment as autonomous vehicles take over.
  • A driver becomes more accustomed to not driving, their proficiency and experience will diminish should they then ever need to drive under certain circumstances, there will be problems.
  • Reading road signs is challenging for a robot. they are therefore almost entirely reliant on computer data. GPS and other technologies might not register obstacles like potholes, recent changes in road conditions, such as roadwork or public event.
  • If the car crashes without the driver, who fault is it, the software designer or the owner of the vehicles.? Many questions about legal, ethical, and financial accountability would undoubtedly be caused by driverless systems.
  • It will be a major concern for hackers to get into the software of the vehicle and monitor or influence its operation.
  • In order to work effectively on them, the road system and infrastructure will require drastic changes for driverless vehicles. For example, traffic and street lights will possibly both need to be altered.
  • In a certain form of weather, driverless vehicles have been shown to have trouble running, heavy rain interferes with laser sensors mounted on roots, and snow can interfere with cameras.
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