1 April 2021

Difference Between Single Point and Multi Point Cutting Tool

The main key comparison between the single and multi-point cutting tool is the single point cutting tool contains only one main cutting edge while the multipoint cutting tool contains more than one cutting edge. So here this article gives the main key difference between single point and multi-point cutting tools to better understand this topic.

Difference between single point and multipoint cutting tool:

  • Single-point cutting tools contain only one main cutting edge in the cutter body, while multi-point cutting tools contain more than one edge in the cutter body.
  • Single point cutting tools is only one main cutting edge that continuously remains in contact with the workpiece, while the Multipoint cutting tool more than one cutting edge simultaneously engages in materials removal action in a pass.
  • Single-point cutting tools are a chip load per tooth is usually high, while due to the presence of multiple cutting edges, effective chip load per tooth reduces.
  • Design and fabrication of single-point cutting tools are easier, while the  Design and fabrication of multi-point cutting tools are quite difficult.
  • Single-point cutting tools  example of turning tool, shopping tool, planning tool, slotting tool, boring tool, fly milling cutter, etc while the multi-point cutting tool example of milling cutter, hobs, broach, grinding wheels, reamer, knurling tools, etc
  • Single-point cutting tools can be made from grinding machines, while the multipoint cutting tool can not manufacture from only grinder machines. 
  • Single-point cutting tools the wear rate is high, while the tool wear rate is low in multi-point cutting tools.
  • Single-point cutting tools have a low material removal rate, while the multi-point cutting tools good or more material removal compared a Single-point cutting tools.
  • The tool life of Single-point cutting tools is shorter comparatively multi-point cutting tools. 
  • In term of accuracy, this is one provides a good surface finish in the single-point cutting tool, while the multi-point cutting tool provide grater surface finish.