24 February 2016

Fuel injection system in petrol engine

The fuel injection system is commonly used in a diesel engine.

In present gasoline injection system is also coming in a petrol engine because following drawbacks of the carburetion.
  • Non-uniform mixture distribution in multi-cylinder engines.
  • Loss of volumetric efficiency.
A gasoline injection system eliminates all these drawbacks.  

The injection of fuel into the SI engine can be done by following methods :
  • Direct injection of fuel into the cylinder
  • Injection of fuel close to the inlet valve
  • Injection of fuel into the inlet manifold
There are two types of injection system of gasoline systems :
  1. Continuous Injection: In continuous injection, fuel is continuously injected. 
  2. Timed Injection: In timed injection, fuel is injected only during induction stroke. 
Advantages of fuel-injection in SI engines:
  • Increased volumetric efficiency
  • Increase thermal efficiency
  • Low exhaust emissions
  • High-quality fuel distribution