2 June 2016

What is power screw

A power screw is a mechanical device used to convert rotary motion into linear motion and transmit power.

The power screw has three main parts such as screw, nut, and a part to hold either the screw or the nut. 

The power screw operates in two different ways depending on the holding arrangement. 
  • In its bearing, the screw rotates, while the nut has axial motion.
The lathe's lead screw is an example of this category.
  • The nut is kept stationary and screw moves in the axial direction 
Screw Jack and Machine Vice are examples of this category.

Applications of power screw : 

The main application of the power screw is the following below.
  • To raise the load. Example - Screw-jack
  • To obtain accurate motion in machining operations. Example - The lead screw of a lathe
  • To clamp a workpiece. Example - Vice
  •  To load a specimen. Example - Universal testing machine