27 December 2016

Difference between Management and Administration

  • Management means an organized way of managing people and things of a business organization is called the management and the process of administering an organization by a group of people is known as administration.
  • Management makes decisions while the administration carries out those decisions.
  • Management is predominantly the process of making sure that an organization's employees are motivated, engaged, and trained sufficiently to do their jobs and that they work well together as a team whereas the administration is predominantly the process of making sure that an organization runs efficiently. The emphasis is on compliance, infrastructure, operations, etc.   
  • Management is a strategic part, people sit together to come up with some innovative ideas and create a module whereas administration is an execution part, workers here ensure that any planning or modules are executed properly without any breakdown.
  • In management group of people worked executing the function and doing the function while in administration worked for decision-making function and thinking function.
  • Middle-level activity is done by management in terms of the level of authority while top-level activity in administration.
  • Group of managerial staff who use their expertise to fulfil a company's goals whereas in administration consists of owners who invest capital in and receive profits from an enterprise.
  •  Decisions in management are influenced by the values, opinions, beliefs and decisions of the managers and in administration decisions influenced by public opinion, government policies, customs etc.
  • The main function of management is motivating and controlling and the main function of administration is Planning and organizing.
  • Management have ability to handles the employees and administration have ability to handles the business aspects such as finance.